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PE Party Tent 32'x16' with Waterproof Top - White




Transform your garden with our party tent and bring a sense of cheerful atmosphere into your garden. We take pride in offering high quality canopies with a Lowest Price Guarantee.


  • Size: 32'(10m) x 16'(5m)
  • Frame: Galvanized steel frame
  • Cover: 180 gr/m2 Polyethylene, seams hot-sealed, waterproof (upgraded from water-resistant since Jan. 28, 2018)
  • Tube: Diameter: 1.5"; Thickness: 18 Ga
  • Joints: Diameter: 1.6"; Thickness: 16 Ga
  • Side Height: 6.4'; Peak Height: 9.2'
  • Door Dimension: 12.2' W x 6.6'H
  • Weight: 267 Pounds
  • Arched plastic windows offer a good inflow of light.
  • Entrance door in both end walls
  • Industrial duty zips on the front and side entry walls
  • Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps
  • 4 storage bags included ($80 value)
  • Model Number: PE-3216

People Capacity

  • Seated at round tables (5ft): 50
  • Seated at trestle tables: 56
  • Standing: 65

Accessories (To be purchased separately)
We recommend that you buy storm straps and extra-long ground pegs to further secure your party tent in case of windy weather.

  • Auger Anchors - Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
  • Easy Hook Anchor - Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
  • Cement Wedge Anchors – Cement

Safety Precautions

It’s very important to anchor your tent to the ground securely. Tie Down Kits, Ground Bars and Heavy Duty Pegs are recommended in even the calmest weather conditions. This item should not be used as a permanent structure. Since this item is a temporary structure, it is recommended that you do not leave this item unattended during inclement weather (i.e. rain, hail, snow, wind, and ice) and assembled overnight. This item is not manufactured to withstand the weight of any form of precipitation left on the top of the unit.